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Good Display has attained ISO9001:2008 certification by IQNet

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IQNet The International Certification Network is an Association composed of more than 35 certification/registration bodies, with legal seat in Bern/Switzerland, you can visit IQNet's site for more information.
We select excellent suppliers in their respective industries as our source of stable and reliable material supplies. We have stringent control with IQC, IPQC and PQC to ensure neither disqualified materials coming into our factory, nor disqualified semi-finished products flowing down to the next production step and nor, disqualified products gone out of our factory. 
We conduct product reliability test on randomly selected samples in each order ensuring that our products meet the requirements of our customers. 
We implement SPC to prevent disqualified products at the beginning. 
We use SPC to establish ISO9001: 2008 quality systems and provide goods and services to our customers with the highest customer satisfaction level. 
There is no limit in quality. We would make continuous improvements to offer customers the best quality
Our quality policy:
Considering quality as a way of our life, we give continual improvements and perpetually striving for perfection in our quality; with cost-effectiveness in mind, we shall provide our customers with the highest level of quality products and services.
Our quality objectives: 
The defective rate of e-paper display,TFT LCD display, OLED display finished products should be less than 200 PPM;