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Good Display has attained ISO14001:2004 certification by IQNet

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IQNet The International Certification Network is an Association composed of more than 35 certification/registration bodies, with legal seat in Bern/Switzerland, you can visit IQNet's site for more information.


In order to protect our environment, Good Display has carried out various activities. These include our efforts in creating green working and manufacturing environments, and devoting ourselves to support the sustainable developments in mankind.
·  Implement and maintain a set of environment management system according to ISO14001..
·  Use energy resources scientifically and reasonably to reduce consumption.
·  Committed to continual improvements in the preventive and remedial measures for environmental pollutions and environmental management systems.
·  Raise good awareness of environmental protection and safety in production of the staff
·  Cooperate with customers, suppliers, partners and social communities to practice environmental management system.
We actively practice with the RoHS directive, limit our use of environmental hazardous and harmful materials in our production in order to protect the health of human beings and put an end to earth pollution. All our products are RoHS compliant.

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