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how to use ESL tag -- FAQ

Number of visits: Date:2016-08-03

-       Do you have more information about Bluetooth-communication between Access Processor and ESL Tag?  

     Which standard is used?    


     Which frequencies?    



Do you have any documents that use in Europe is allowed?    

We're applying for the CE approval, and will get the certification in September.

-       Is communication between Access Processor and ESL Tag protected/save?

      Yes, it is protected.


      How can we avoid unauthorized access to the system?  

      The communication is encrypted by AES(Advanced Encryption Standard)


-  You told me, that lifetime of ESL Tag is between 5 and 10 years. Can you also tell me the max. number of refreshes? 

   In my opinion this value is better to calculate.

     Yes, this value is worked out by calculation, as 4 time refresh per day and waked up once very 20 seconds.  

     Standby current: 0.001mA

     Waked up peck current:10mA

     Refreshed peak current:20mA

     The aboved values can be measured


    A common CR2450 Electric quantity is 620mAh

    So we can get the electric quantity for one hour

    Standby electric quantity:0.001x1=0.001 mAh

    Waked up electric quantity:3600/20x10x0.01/3600=0.005 mAh (as peak value)

    Refreshed  electric quantity:20x0.3x4/3600=0.0067 mAh (as peak value)


    The shortest lifetime of ESL tag is 620/(0.001+0.005+0.0067)/24/365=5.573 years


   In fact, most ESL tags can't reach 4 time refresh per day, so we said that lifetime of ESL Tag is between 5 and 10 years.


-    Am I right, that POE is possible for Power supply of Access Processor?

           Yes, you are right, our current Access processor just support POE power supply, our engineer considered this one.

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