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Precautions for Tri-color E-paper Display

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Precautions for Tri-color E-paper Display
1.      Storage condition of Tri-color electronic paper display
1.1  Transportation conditions
Temperature range: -25~60℃
1.2  Storage condition
Temperature range: 20℃±5℃
Humidity range: 50±5%RH
Maximum storage time: 3 months
Note: When the three-color product is stored, the display screen should be kept white and face up. In addition, please be sure to refresh the e-paper every three months, and the final picture is a white screen.
2.      Refresh requirement
2.1  Refresh frequency of tri-color e-paper display
It is recommended that the refresh interval be at least 180 seconds
2.2 Three-color e-paper display refresh times
When the three-color e-paper display is refreshed, it is recommended to update the display at least every 24 hours.
2.3  Normal use conditions of the product
Temperature range: 0~40℃
Humidity range: 40%~70%RH
*Note: Avoid direct sunlight.For additional details, please check the product specification.

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