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Congratulations on our successful registration of the UK trademark——GooDisplay

Number of visits: Date:2019-07-19
Congratulations on the “GooDisplay” trademark that our company applied for registration, and the successful registration of the designated UK in Madrid.
Trademarks are an important part of intellectual property rights. It is the intangible assets of enterprises, which embodies the wisdom and labor of producers and operators, and reflects the business results of enterprises. The successful registration of the “GooDisplay” trademark applied by our company not only enables the logo to be protected by the corresponding country, but also has a positive significance for enriching the corporate brand, maintaining the name of the company and expanding the influence of the company. The construction has achieved a milestone victory, and the victory is hard to come by.
Therefore, through the unremitting efforts of all employees, we will maintain the brand's reputation and continuously improve the customer's recognition of our brand, so that the value of the trademark will continue to improve and provide consumers with higher quality products.
The specific status of the trademark obtained is as follows:

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