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E-nameplate Debut at the First China-Africa Economic and Trade Expo

Number of visits: Date:2019-08-28
The first China-Africa Economic and Trade Fair is being held. The careful audience noticed that in various meeting occasions, a beautiful and smart nameplate was placed in front of the VIPs. This is the first time for our E-nameplate debutting on such an important occasion.
This smart E-nameplate was just released recently. According to reports, after the successful development of this product, it immediately attracted the attention of the organizers of the main venue of the opening ceremony. They believe that this world's first electronic nameplate is beautiful, powerful, and able to serve the first China-Africa Economic and Trade Fair.
Traditional paper table cards have many shortcomings: high labor costs, paper printing, unfavorable to the environment, and low grades.
The new E-nameplate can solve all these problems.
It has many advantages:
◆Simple and efficient: it can be controlled by mobile phone, and can be transferred in one button. The refresh time of more than two hundred smart cards is less than 5 minutes.
◆Energy saving and environmental protection: only need 2 batteries of 7th battery to use for half a year, no need to charge, and reduce paper waste
◆High quality: use electronic ink display technology, with paper display, 180 viewing angle
◆Cost savings: It can be reused many times, saving labor costs and paper costs.