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How to choose ESL

Number of visits: Date:2019-12-31
At present, Good Display can provide customers with a variety of electronic shelf labels, with complete functions and rich varieties. So, how to quickly choose the tag that suits your needs from so many types of electronic tags? Here we have a simple guide for you(Click here to download this picture guide).


The list of electronic shelf labels we can currently provide is as follows





E Serie




2.13 inch


2.9 inch


4.2 inch

S Serie



1.54 inch, LED light, Replaceable battery


2.13 inch, LED light, Replaceable battery


2.13 inch, low temperature, LED light

GDC26S 2.6 inch, LED light, Replaceable battery
GDC27S 2.7 inch, LED light, Replaceable battery
GDC29S 2.9 inch, LED light, Replaceable battery
GDC42S 4.2 inch, LED light, Replaceable battery
GDC58S 5.83 inch, LED light, Replaceable battery
GDC75S 7.5 inch, LED light
V Serie GDC42V 4.2 inch, Lighter and thinner,Replaceable battery
GDC58V 5.83 inch, Lighter and thinner,Replaceable battery
GDC58V-D 5.83 inch, Lighter and thinner, Double sided, Replaceable battery
GDC75V 7.5 inch, Lighter and thinner,Replaceable battery
GDC75V-D 7.5 inch, Lighter and thinner, Double sided, Replaceable battery
GDC116V 11.6 inch, Lighter and thinner,Replaceable battery
GDC133V 13.3 inch, Lighter and thinner,Replaceable battery
B Serie GDIF075B 7.5 inch
GDIF075BS/D 7.5 inch
AP Serie


ILA300BV34 Apply on E Serie
GAP-C Apply on S and V Serie, Ceiling type
GAP-D Apply on S and V Serie, Desktop type


Apply on S and V Serie, Column desktop type