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The age of biological radar has arrived

Number of visits: Date:2020-01-14
When your parent or child is home alone, do you worry about his / her accident? Such as accidentally falling, such as sudden illness, etc.
Do you want the water, gas and gas switches in your home to become automatic?
Do you want to receive a reminder when strangers enter your field?
Do you want to be able to intelligently manage your hotel?
Do you need a product that does not violate privacy like a camera, but also helps you achieve the above functions?
Good Display will soon launch a series of millimeter-wave bioradar-related products. These products will take us into a more intelligent and humane living environment. Please look forward to it with us!
At present we have started to sell the first product, GDH24A1.
This is a millimeter wave biological radar sensor, which can help us achieve the following functions:
Next we will continue to launch more products to help us achieve more functions!
Stay tuned for more!
To be continued...