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AFM201T is a low-power and small-volume embedded Wi-Fi + Bluetooth module. It uses Realtek's highly integrated wireless RF chip RTL8720CN and a small number of peripheral devices. The chip has built-in 802.11b / g / n Wi-Fi wireless Built-in ARM Cortex-M4F processing core, with large capacity (FLASH: 2MB ROM: 384KB) storage space (FLASH: up to 128MB), running space (SRAM: 256KB) and rich peripheral resources, RTOS system platform in MCU And the lightweight LWIP protocol, through packaging and optimization of the SDK, can meet a variety of embedded wireless communication applications.
The official designated development board that matches the AFM201T module is RTL8720CN-EVB



ARM Cortex-M4 processing core, clocked at 100MHz
3.3V, 5V DC single power supply
Package: Stamp Hole
Size: 24(L) × 15(W) × 3.0(T)mm
AFM201T structure


WLAN, Bluetooth parameters
Standard: 802.11 b / g / n 1x1
Transmit power: 11b: 18dBm / 11g: 16dBm / 11n: 15dBm
Receiving sensitivity: 11b: -93dBm / 11g: -82dBm / 11n: -76dBm
Communication rate: 11Mbps @ 11b / 54Mbps @ 11g / 150Mbps @ 11n
Working mode: STA, AP, STA + AP, Buletooth
Hardware encryption: WPA / WPA2
Antenna: external antenna, IPEX antenna interface, on-board antenna




Complete IoT solution (low-level development, cloud services, APP)
Support AT + application set secondary development
Support secondary development of C-SDK package
Support OTA wireless upgrade
Support Bluetooth smart networking, Airkiss WeChat distribution network function
Industrial-grade application design, 4-layer PCB design, performance consistency guarantee
FCC / CE certification, RoHS compliant


Software Features
Built-in IPV4 / IPV6 protocol stack
Built-in FreeRTOS system
Supports low power BLE 4.0
Supports HTTP / HTTPS (SSL) encryption
Support Ella Cloud, Amazon, Cloud, JD Cloud, Alibaba Cloud
Support customized private cloud or user private cloud docking
Support secondary development, secondary integration


Module model




PCB on-board antenna


IPEX external antenna


RF-Pin external antenna





Intelligent electrical outlet
Industrial control
Intelligent home appliances
Internet of things applications
Thermal printer
LED control card