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Color E-Paper



Product Number: EPD12864-XX

Number of dots: 128x64

Outline Dimension: 66.0x43.4x1.4 mm

View Area(W×H): 61.0x31.4 mm

Dot Size(W×H): 0.415x0.415 mm

Dot Pitch(W×H) : 0.43x0.43 mm

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BCD (Bi-stable Cholesteric Display) is a sunlight readable reflective LCD with extremely low power consumption characteristics. Due to the non-volatile memory feature of the technology, zero power is required to retain the image of the display. Energy is only required to change the displayed image. No backlighting is required, only ambient lighting from the surrounding is required. Readability when under direct sunlight is excellent and good contrast from viewing at very wide

angles are possible.

Passive matrix bistable cholesteric display, Positive, reflective LCD graphic module

Color: Blue & White (EPD-12864-02)

Red & Amber (EPD-12864-03)

Dark Green & Light Green (EPD-12864-04)

Black & Yellow (EPD-12864-05)

Pink & Peach (EPD-12864-06)

Orange & Yellow (EPD-12864-07)

Display resolution: 128 x 64 dots

Viewing angle: all angles (for inclinations of <70°, CR > 3)

4-wires Serial Interface LCD Controller/Drivers.

Driving scheme: Special BCD driving scheme

Logic voltage: +3.0 V

FPC connection

The module does not contain polarizer and the customer is recommended to add a UV cut filter
(98% blocking of 380nm and lower spectral components)




This module is intended for general purpose graphic and character display applications.
Suggested uses include instrumentation, remote control, electronic product or price label, point of
sale display, general purpose indoor or outdoor signage and information display.









download attachments : EPD12864-XX specification 【查看】


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  • Comment: We are a system developer in India. For one of our customers in middle east we are developing a product where we need EPD12864 display. Once POC is done the requirement will be large.
    Please send us quote for 10 nos samples of this display. We wil send our courier number.
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