1. Overview

  As we all know, if you want an e-paper display to display an image, you need to write an array of images in C language into the program, so you inevitably need to convert the image into a C language array. Generally we use the corresponding software, such as Image2Lcd , but influenced by software system platform, not all computer systems can be convenient for operation, the corresponding also, affected by the size and type electronic paper display, most of the screen Settings are also different, so this software can to some extent, convenient electronic paper display to the user.

2. Software Description

  GOOD DISPLAY's electronic paper comes in a wide range of sizes and modelscan meet the needs of different users, this software just need to select the model of electronic paper display, select the a ppropriate picture can directly generate C language array, greatly simplify the process of taking the mold, convenient for users to use.

3. Software Usage

3.1 Open the software:

3.2 As shown in the figure below, set your EPD model (if you want to change the model, release the "Confirm" check box and click again).

3.3 As shown in the picture below, click the select File button.

The selected file must be the image file "JPG "," JPEG ", "PNG "," BMP ", otherwise an error message will be displayed.

The B/W/R EPD need separates the black and white part and the red part into two pictures and operates them respectively.

3.4 The resolution of the selected image must be consistent with that of the EPD. Otherwise, the following message will be displayed.

3.5 If you do not know the resolution of your EPD, please refer to the table below, or you can vist our official website or contact us.

3.6 If the image is selected correctly, the image preview will appear on the right of the page, as shown below.

3.7 Click "Output" to generate the image array. If you want to copy the array, click the "Copy" button, as shown below.