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  • Product Name: Multifunction connection adapter board HAT connect for e-Paper display DESPI-C03
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This connection board DESPI-C03 is aim to help  users to learn how to use the E-paper Display easier, and it is used for Good Display's black-white E-paper Display and three-color (black, white and red/Yellow) : 1.54'', 2.04'', 2.13'', 2.6'', 2.7'', 2.9'', 3.71'', 4.2'', 5.83'' and 7.5''.
It not only has the interface for touch panel, but also has the power supply interface for frontlight. And the interface for touch panel supports SPI interface e-paper display and Parallel interface e-paper display.


· Multifunction connect board.
· Support
STM32 , Arduino , Raspberry Pi , ESP8266 and so on.
· It has an interface for touch panel.
· It has a power supply for frontlight.
· Connecting driving board and e-paper display for refreshing.

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STM32, Arduino, Raspberry Pi and so on


Connection E-paper Display with DESPI-M02

Outside Dimension


Power Interface

USB Interface

Power Input



Fully and Partial refresh

Operating Temp


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RESE To 0.47 Ω:
2.2.13 inch E-Paper Display:  GDEW0213T5,GDEW0213Z16,GDEW0213I5F,GDEW0213C38,GDEW0213V7LT
3.2.6 inch E-Paper Display: GDEW026T0,GDEW026Z39
4.2.7 inch E-Paper Display:  GDEW027W3  GDEW027C44
5.2.9 inch E-Paper Display:  GDEW029T5,GDEW029Z10,GDEW029I6F
6.3.71 inch E-Paper Display: GDEW0371W7,GDEW0371Z80
7.4.2 inch E-Paper Display:  GDEW042T2,GDEW042Z15,GDEW042C37
8.5.83 inch E-Paper Display:  GDEW0583Z21,GDEW0583C64
9.7.5 inch E-Paper Display:  GDEW075Z09,GDEW075C21
RESE To 3 Ω:
1.1.54 inch E-Paper Display:GDEH0154D67,GDEM0154E97LT
2.2.04 inch E-Paper Display: GDE021A1
3.2.13 inch E-Paper Display: GDEH0213D30LT,GDEH0213B73
4.2.9 inch E-Paper Display: GDEH029A1,GDEH029D56LT
5.5.83 inch E-Paper Display: GDEW0583T7
6.7.5 inch E-Paper Display: GDEW075T8
This DEMO KIT does not provide electronic paper screen, the screen must be purchased separately
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DESPI V3.0 Specification





DESPI-C03 Specification                  1.0               English       2020-04-02       835.28KB
Raspberry Pi User Manual                  1.0               English       2020-04-02       1.27MB


                   1.0                English        2019-09-27         701.28KB
DESPI-M02-SCH                    1.0                English        2018-07-12         1.2MB